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Being part of our annual Veterans Day salute is as easy as registering online, or printing out the registration form and mailing it to the planning committee. Also, there's no fee to be part of this celebratory parade, but donations are always welcome!

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Volunteers and supporters are needed to help with all aspects of this year's event. Their hard work and dedication ensure its success. Planning, coordinating, advising and executing are all critical elements and starts months before the event and run through our salute day.

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2023 marks the 104th anniversary of Veterans/Armistice Day observances in Fort Worth. The Veterans Council seeks donations from individuals, organizations, and businesses across North Texas. This can be time, money, talent, and more… What can you donate?


Whether you want to volunteer, take part, or donate to this year’s celebration, spectators can view the parade as it rolls down North Forest Park Blvd. along the Clear Fork section of the Trinity River to Rotary Plaza., then back to Panther Island. Viewers can picnic along the river while viewing the parade on the west side of downtown.

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